Student Development vs. Student Affairs

July 19, 2023
Session Day 2
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Session Track
Session Moderator(s)
    • Dr. Herman J. Felton, Jr.


This session explores the critical relationship between student development and student affairs, aiming to bridge the gap and create a cohesive support system for students in higher education. Participants will examine the distinct yet interconnected roles of student development and student affairs in shaping the student experience and promoting success.

The session begins by examining the components of student development, including academic, personal, and professional growth, and how these inform effective practices in student affairs. Participants will explore strategies to enhance collaboration between student affairs professionals and faculty, ensuring seamless student support.

Moreover, the session addresses the impact of technology on student affairs, emphasizing responsible digital practices. Participants will gain practical insights to enhance collaboration, design effective support programs, and foster a positive campus environment that promotes student success and well-being.
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